Your Sun Signs Best/Worst Qualities

Aries: As a passionate and driven individual you may tend to have your focus set on yourself, and your goals. Having passion is a fantastic attribute, but you may want to take a step back and make sure you are really listening to what people are saying, taking their opinions seriously, and letting others be the center of attention for a change. Try not to confuse self-determination for self-centeredness, the people around you will be more responsive and this will attribute to your success in the long-term, personally and in business.

Taurus: You’re a loyal and honest companion, but people admire your brutal honestly as much as they may resent it. You’re a person who see’s the world in vivid color as a creative and artistic individual, but can be very black and white when it comes to opinions and sticking to them. Make sure you are listening to the others side of the debate, even if you don’t agree with what they’re saying you will make them feel heard and understood rather than ignored and aggravated. Share your opinions and ideas rather than enforcing them.

Gemini: You have an amazing ability to express your ideas and thoughts in beautiful, unique and well thought out ways. You have the capability to be an amazing communicator, as long as you can find a way to get around your natural tendency to get overwhelmed easily. The problem isn’t always knowing what you want, but knowing too many things that you want. You need to find your focus and follow through not just in words but in actions. Taking actions that follow your thoughts and feelings may be your most difficult task but with persistence you can benefit immensely from your natural talents.

Cancer: You value the people you love in your life, and will always support and want what’s best for them. Caring about others is important but its important you aren’t always putting others needs and wants before others. There is a time to be selfish, if you don’t consider yourself you won’t end up happy no matter how happy you have made the others around you. Your emotions tend to get the best of you and when your down you can fall into a hole of self-pity. To avoid this try to think of the positive and what can be done to fix the situation, rather than the negative and what you can’t do.

Leo: You have a natural act to stand-out from the crowd – and most likely you aren’t afraid of the spotlight finding you. Your natural charisma is what attracts people to you, but if you aren’t conscious of the way your acting in response to the attention those people will get bored. Fast. No one likes an ego, make sure you aren’t coming across as attention seeking when expressing your out-there way of living by staying true to your personal flare, but returning the attention when granted.

Virgo: Your focus on self-progress and development has always lead you down the right path when it comes to your goals and aspirations. You always seem to be working on something towards the future, at the very least having it on your mind constantly. Focus is amazing – but when you focus too much on something that isn’t working, or a relationship that wasn’t what you intended or hoped it would be you can get stuck. Make sure you realize when it’s time to move on, if something didn’t work out it probably isn’t because of anything you did wrong but because what you were doing wasn’t what was meant to be. Your wheels are always spinning, but if your stuck in a rut try turning out of it rather than trying to accelerate in the same direction. Change is good and isn’t the same as giving up, don’t be afraid of it.

Libra: People are attracted to your natural charm and charisma, and they like that you aren’t loud about it. Your often told you’re unique or interesting because despite your attractiveness you aren’t a snob.  The thing about being told your charming is you can easily let your guard down – feeling adored can bring out your flirtatious but gullible side. To avoid others getting the best of you, go with your gut. Your indecisiveness makes you question things more than you should –  you know deep down what’s best for you right away, stick to your guns.

Scorpio: Passion is something you’ve never been lacking. You’re known for your intensity, generosity and determination. If you can’t harness your natural drive and your heightened perception – you will move mountains. Making sure not to let worry and anxiety get the best of you is very important. Others can find you moody and you will come across as rude if you don’t regulate the way you expose your emotions. It’s hard for you to censor what your feeling, and you shouldn’t have to – but there comes a time where it will have a negative impact on your relationships. Keeping a journal, or focusing on the positive when speaking will not only be a good thing for your relationships but for your mood as well.

Sagittarius:  You’re driven, independent and an explorer. Exploration for you could be anything from a desire to travel – to a passion for exploring many different books, movies, can mean a lot of things, whether for you that’s travel, or craving variety in experience, it’s likely you are enticed by what’s new. Others may perceive you as unemotional since your tendency to move on quickly and often makes it look like you lack interest. Loosing your interest as quickly as they get it can be hard for some to handle and if you plan on keeping people in your life it is necessary that you make them feel valued. Don’t let your lack of interest show or when you finally take a breather you’ll be left with a lack of deep relationships. The more you talk about your self and the less you have to say about what others have to contribute won’t gain you any points with the ones who matter.

Capricorn: Your determination and foresight is clear, your calculated actions can put your ambitions into motion with a steady and progressive pace. It’s important to note that not everything needs to be planned out in order for you to be successful. You can’t see the future and sometimes the unpredictable factors influence your plans, try not to freak out but instead work on embracing the change and know that it happened for a reason – the outcome may be better than anything you ever could have planned!

Aquarius: Friendly and an innovator you love to discuss ideas and are passionate about the idea of change and unpredictability. Your hard to nail down, and always enjoy a change of scenery. Your cold exterior when discussing and debating ideas can make you appear rude or arrogant – try to explain your ideas with compassion or you might end up sounding like a know it all.

Pisces: A creative and deeply intuitive soul, you live in your own fantasy world. You may have your head in the cloud but your eyes always seem to be on others. Be careful not to over-think what you already feel to be true, you can trust your gut. You have a high sensitivity to the environment  which can impact you positively or negatively depending on your environment – at your happiest you will find yourself surrounded by positive  and like-minded people.









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